Add grandeur to your home with a Georgian gable-fronted conservatory

Gable end conservatories, also known  as gable-fronted conservatories, feature an upright and dignified front, with a high vaulted roof. Georgian conservatories work very well on period buildings, but also add a classic feeling to any modern building. We’ll work with you to choose a design that compliments your home, including a range of subtle, light and dark colour options.

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Conservatories FAQs

Yes! The GIS package includes décor and flooring, including laminate, ceramic tiles and carpeting. We can also install underfloor heating and air conditioning, so your conservatory will be comfortable upon completion.

Our consultants will be able to advise you on whether you need to apply for planning permission, or need building approval from your local authority. Please refer to our FAQs section for an overview of when planning permission is necessary.

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